Our History

Welcome to Aromabelia Online Shop

We are based in Australia and selling a wide variety of Aroma Diffuser and Aromatherapy Products.

Our Goal is to provide a wide range of Aroma Diffusers products that available in the market into one big online shop called Aromabelia.

The Aroma Diffuser products that we sell:
- Aroma Diffuser with Water Capacity from 40ml to 1300ml.
- Aroma Diffuser with LED light
- Remote Controlled Diffuser
- Car and Portable Diffuser
- USB Powered Diffuser
- Ultrasonic Diffuser
- Aroma Locket Pendant Necklace Diffuser
- Aroma Bracelet Diffuser

All of the products listed have 4 different power plug type (AU, EU, UK and US) except for USB powered diffuser.

Check our collection in All Products page to choose the best diffuser to your need.
Note: All the name listed at the back of product name are store product code only.

Domestic & International shipping available

Aromabelia registered as Australia Online Shop.
Email: aromabeliastore@gmail.com
ABN: 35 400 792 129